Saturday, December 29, 2012

I like this chair

I know, I haven't posted in 2 years. Shame on me! And this post will not excite you, if you want anything good!
I just need to add a picture of a chair that I like so that I can hopefully use it to make a color palette.

Maybe some year I will have the time to update my blog again.
4 kids keep me busy!

Here's the pictures of the chair!

Monday, August 09, 2010

A post, really? A year of pictures

Well, I apologize to my readers for my lack of posts in the past year. Last year after I had Rachel I suffered from PPD and the blog became low on my list of priorities. Even once I was better, I was so far behind that catching up was just too overwhelming!
So I'm just going to put some links to pictures from the past year for you. And I will try to stay current from now on!

Here they are!

Eric went to Haiti in March to help Adoration Christian School with some building

I promise that I will try to keep this up!

Monday, January 18, 2010

June 2009

I'm going to try and finish where I left off and catch up! I believe we left off in June.
Aidan graduated from juniour kindergarten in June. He looks so cute in his cap!

Here he is with his teacher Mrs Kiosses

We celebrated Anna's birthday a little early because Aidan was going to be at Campfire on her birthday. We woke her up singing Happy Birthday! She looked a little confused!

Opening presents!

We had some very cute bunnies living under our slide! They were almost run over by Eric , but spotted just in time! The kids liked to check on them every day! Unfortunately they were gone when we got back from holidays!

Anna had a family party that afternoon!

Here's my beautiful three year old!

Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm so sorry!!!!

I know, it's been ages since I have updated! And I feel really bad. In the new year I will catch up the blog, this month is just to busy...
Here's one picture to tie you over. This is a picture of the kids helping me make Christmas cookies!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do you like MacDonald's, or do you give your kids happy meals....
here's an interesting blog post that I stumbled across today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here is the last entry for now.

I have been busy sewing lately. I love to sew, I 'm just not that great and don't have much time to do it. ( I do hate mending though...why does Eric have to keep wearing through the knees of his pants and splitting seams open...)

One of the projects that I wanted to try was a little house on the prairie bonnet. I saw some little girls with some at the park the other day, and I asked where they got them. I guess there is this Mennonite relief sale that happens the last weekend in May, and I just missed it. So I searched the internet and found my own pattern! I made one for Rachel. I just have to adjust where the chin strap is as I'm not happy with where it is sitting on her head right now. But I still think that she looks adorable in it!

Here's a look at the bonnet off of her head.

I also made Rachel another summer bag as we just had one, and I like to have a backup in case she wakes up wet! I used my existing bag to make the pattern as my Mom had the pattern, and I didn't want to wait to get it from her. This was the first time I had done a zipper since grade 11 sewing, so thanks to some tips from my Mom, I got it first shot! I also found a video tutorial on how to do bias tape as I didn't remember how to do that anymore either!

With the leftover fabric I made some flannel washcloths to use for faces. With babysitting I always need lots and run out each week.
Fabricland was having awesome sales, so I went back and got 20 more yards of flannel to use to sew gifts in the future!

On Thursday the 18th, Aidan's class had their family picnic at the park at the arena next to the school. Everyone brought a little snack so their was tons of food, mostly junk though. Aidan and Anna spent most of their time eating! Aidan had 2 icecreams, a cupcake, timbits and who knows what else when I wasn't watching! Anna ate lots too....

They did play on the park for a while too.
Rachel was so good and just hung out in her carseat on the stroller the whole time while I chatted with other Moms!

Aidan made a cute newspaper for Eric for Father's day at school. He couldn't wait until Sunday and gave it to him as soon as he got home from work on Thursday! :)

Here is Rachel mid roll. She is a pro now and always rolls to her front when she is playing on the floor.

Dating a little while back, this is the card that the kids made for me for my birthday!

On Saturday Aidan found Eric's bandana for work and decided to be a pirate! He's beating up Eric with his sword. Aidan was giggling so hard he could hardly hit him sometimes!

Rachel turned 7 months old on Saturday. She weighs 16 pounds, 9.5 ounces. And she was 27 inches long.

Anna loves her sister! I can never do a photoshoot with Rachel without one of the other kids getting in there too!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I recently got out my lego from when I was little for the kids to play with. They are having so much fun with it! Anna will sit there for over 45 minutes and just put blocks on a platform. She was very proud of her creation!

We thought that maybe Rachel would enjoy veggies as she was't all that interested in cereal. But she didn't really care for that either.

She would rather eat her tray :)

I've switched to Nestle cereal now and she seems to like that much better, but won't eat it with veggies mixed in :)

We finally got around to putting some flowers in! May kinda snuck past us so we did it in June this year. We only planted tomatoes for vegetables, as we decided to get Eric's wisdom teeth pulled instead of paying monday to start square foot gardening.

The kids are using my new chair (which is soooo comfy!!) as a bus for all of their animals..again, I love a child's imagination!

Rachel loves to swing. Here she is in the swing at the park nearby!

Anna loves the swing too and she always wants underdoggies and to go higher!

I went with Aidan's class to Mohawk Park for their yearend trip on June 12th. Thankfully the weather was warn and sunny! Aidan had so much fun just getting there as we took a bus!

As we walked up to the splashpad at the park my ever cautious son says....I'm not going in there. So far part of it he just stood on the side watching everyone else. He lives vicariously through others we always say!

His teacher Mrs Kiosses was trying to get him in.

This was about as close as he got! One step at a time I guess!

Monday, June 22, 2009

This is Rachel's 6 month photo shoot! I think that she looks like me when I was little when she smiles like this! At the date of this picture Rachel is not sitting by herself yet or rolling over. But she is getting much more content and smiley! We started solid foods about a week before she turned 6 months. She wasn't very interested in it, and to this day she still isn't. I offer it to her twice a day, and she kinda eats it one of the times. She'll get it eventually I guess!

She thought that it was pretty funny that I put her in the basket. I had to take the pictures quickly because she kept trying to get out.

A few days after she turned 6 months she rolled over for the first time! We were at my Dad and Mom's when she did it and she rolled from her back to her front, and then kept right on going onto her back again. Since then she has continued to roll from back to front, but has not done front to back again. This picture is of the second time that she rolled over, as I didn't have my camera at my Mom's.

Rachel is still enjoying the jolly jumper, she just loves to bounce, in here, or her exersaucer, or wherever she is standing.

On May 26th, my niece Kezia turned four! We went to her house for a little party!

Rachel just loves her exersaucer, and it's definitely her favorite place to have her independent playtime...provided her loving siblings leave her alone...

...which doesn't happen often. Aidan can't resist his sister. Whenever he sees her he just has to go up to her and hug and kiss her. She loves him too!

On May 29th we made the drive up to Ottawa to visit with Brian and Alanna for the weekend. We stopped in Warkworth to visit my grandparents on the way up and we arrived around 9ish. The next morning the kids were all up bright and early ready and eager to play with eachother! Here they are playing hungry hippo together.
Saturday morning the dad's worked on putting a gate in the fence and Alanna and I took 2 kids and went for a walk and did some yardsaling in the neighbourhood! I always love a bargain! I got a pair of almost new Robeez for Rachel for 25 cents:)

We gave Zachary his 3rd birthday gift while we were there...I think that he liked it!
And here is the handsome almost 3 year old!
On Saturday night, Alanna made us an awesome rib dinner which we also shared with Chris and Charlene. We ate after the kids were in bed, so we had a nice quiet dinner!

I've been trying to lose some weight lately, (I'm at 12 pounds so far since the beginning of April!).

ONe of the ways I find time to exersize in my busy schedule is to walk to get Aidan from school should Rachel's schedule that day allow it. I tryed out the bike trailer for the first time with Rachel as it is so much easier to push up the massive hill that we have in St. George.!

12 pounds down, 10 more to go until me goal!